Finally……. After 4 years of research, customer testing, building …..YOUR mobiles differentiator … AD ON MOBILE…. is here!

Exclusive to Ad On Mobile, you have no competitors, billed by Ad On Mobile with GREAT COMMISSIONS to your business!

There is a huge customer appetite for Ad on Mobile, a cheap, NON CONTRACTED unique way for customers to advertise their business to warm callers.

What does Ad On Mobile bring to the table for you?

  • Only compatible with Telstra mobiles at this stage
  • Your ultimate offering point of difference in the business mobiles market
  • Turn your customers mobile into their ultimate advertising tool, driving their business growth and long term loyalty to you.
  • Great mobile commissions for you
  • A SIMPLE, natural fit to your business plan offering

What is Ad On Mobile?

Ad On Mobile is a unique, customised advertising message that a caller hears in their ear while waiting for someone to answer, when they ring a mobile phone with Ad On Mobile. So instead of the caller just hearing the standard ‘ring ring tone’ while they are waiting for a response, they hear a targeted, customised message about that business. The caller will still hear background ringing as well as the message so they know the call is still ringing. It can be switched off for regular callers.

What does the offer look like?

  • Starting at $20 exl gst per month NO CONTRACT gets four customised messages about the business. They are 20 seconds in duration each. This is one AOM4 Package
  • The customer may opt for a $20/30/40/50 exl per month package
  • There are no contracts for the customer, so customers can try the service for little cost.
  • You order on your customers behalf via an easy Ad On Mobile website ordering tool

What’s in it for you?

  • Great commissions and a point of difference to your offering

How does Ad on Mobile help my customer?

  • Prompts enquiry and further conversation about products and service with warm prospects
  • Builds brand awareness and educates callers
  • Stand out from other businesses and be remembered
  • Drives measurable, new business revenue through enquiry

Do I have to know much about mobiles?

  • No, all you need is access to people who use their mobiles for business
  • If you a head franchise, marketing company, an advertising company, in business equipment sales, mobiles sales, Telco sales, and much more, then become an agent

How easy is it for my customers to get Ad On Mobile?

  • Order it via our on line ordering tool
  • We get the order, they engage the customer to provision the order and load it onto their mobile.

My teams need training…. What’s involved?

  • For new Agents and sales people we do WebEx training sessions every 2 weeks. Please click this link for more details and to register ( link )
  • In addition Ad On Group run 2 day sales training every quarter on the Gold Coast, covering all the Ad On Group products with a focus on Ad On Mobile. Please click this link for more details and to register

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Ad On Mobile Agent Toolkit

Ad On Mobile Packages Brochure

Ad On Mobile Order Process

Ad On Mobile Sales Engagement Process