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Who is Ad On Mobile available to?
Telstra mobile customers only at this stage

Can I get Ad On Mobile on a pre paid mobile?

What do I have to do to get it?
You just need to order it through an Ad On Mobile agent partner.

How long before I am contacted by the Ad On Mobile team to progress my order?
24-48 Hours

What are the standard packages?
There are 4 main packages, these are outlined on the packages page of the website

Are the messages customised to my business?

Who and how are the messages loaded onto my mobile phone?
Ad On Mobile loads the messages onto your mobile. This is done remotely via the mobile network. No input is needed from you.

How long does it usually take to complete and activate the service onto my mobile?
Under usual circumstances 4-6 working days

Are the Ad On Mobile packages contracted for a minimum period?
Yes. As per your chosen package.

How do I get billed for this service?
Directly via Telstra

Who designs, writes and records the advertising messages?
Ad On Mobile

Can I change my message and how do I order it?
This costs $65 ex gst, and allows you to change one of your 20 second messages in your package.

Will Ad On Mobile contact me regarding changing my message?

Can I buy an extra package after I have bought my original package?

Who do I contact for support?
Customers should email Ad On Mobile on info@adonmobile.com.au for support as a first option. Customers can also call us, on the details on our website.

What happens if I don’t approve my script in a timely fashion?
If you unable to approve the voice script within the allocated timeframe, Ad On Mobile will provide the message packages that they have produced into your network portal and billing will commence from order placement. They will not be audible until you have approved the messages. When you are able to provide guidance and approval on your custom message, Ad On Mobile will make the changes at no cost.

Do you have to write your own advertising material for the messages?
No, Ad on Mobile has an experienced marketing division that research your business and write the advertising content for your customised message.

Can I have input into my script for the message?
Yes, Ad on Mobile calls you to discuss the content for the messages. If the you want to have input, you are welcome to.

Do I get billed for the service while Ad On Mobile is still working on producing the messages?

Can I make minor changes to my message package, if so how much is it?
Yes. This is designed should you want to make any minor changes to any existing Ad On Mobile packages. A minor change is a change to any of your 20 second messages within your package. This cost is $65 ex gst per change to the 20 second message as a once off charge.

What constitutes a minor change?
Changes to one of your 20 second messages.

Do I own the advertising messages?
No, you may use the chosen advertising package under a license fee arrangement. It would be billed on a month by month basis as described. You do not own the copy right or intellectual property. This is owned by Ad On Mobile.

How long is each standard message in the package?
Up to 20 seconds in duration for each message and on the standard package there are 4 messages.

Who contacts me to approve the script before production?
The Ad on Mobile project management team

Can the voice over artist be male or female?

Is there background ringing so the caller knows the mobile is still ringing?

Can I request special sound effects if it complements their message?

Can I provide my own music or jingles?
Yes, as long as Ad on Mobile has written approval from the owner of the music or jingles, to avoid conflict with APRA or any other license agreement.

How do I know the messages are loaded and working?
The Ad On Mobile platform will notify each mobile service via an SMS once the messages have been loaded, tested and are active

Do I get a web interface or admin portal, where I can make setting changes to when and how the messages play?
Yes. You get an Android or iOS app.

Can I play certain messages to certain callers?
Yes, you can target certain callers to hear certain messages to prompt a specific outcome or inquiry from that certain group of callers. As an example new customers ie unrecognised numbers could be played a different set of 4 messages to say prompt enquiry about a specific sign up or joining offer and recognised numbers logged in the Ad On Mobile system like your existing customers could be played loyalty offers for existing customers.

How can I target certain callers to hear certain messages ?
You will need to log in to your admin portal using your web link you got from Ad On Mobile once your account and messages are set up. Until May, Ad On Mobile can program these requests for you

I am part of a company and we have lots of mobiles, can I have access to change how my messages play on my phone?
No, all changes to messages across the fleet will have to come through your authorised company representative that Ad On Mobile have on record for your company

Can I change which messages play at certain times, to which callers etc?
Yes. Via the mobile app.

Can I take out messages or put new messages into the portal?

What is the maximum amount of messages I can have active in my portal?

How many messages can play on jukebox?

If I am on the phone will the advertising message still play?
Yes, if you put your call waiting setting on.

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